Dial Telecom is a significant provider of a complex portfolio of voice, data, Internet and hosting services with guaranteed quality to all customers the Czech Republic through its own unified optical network. The Dial Telecom network has its central monitoring center in Prague. The company headquarters are also in Prague; its sales representation for Moravia is in Brno.

The success and growth of Dial Telecom is based on its many years of experience providing telecommunication services in the Czech Republic and its extensive knowledge of the Central European telecommunication market. Hence, Dial Telecom is one of the top Internet provider companies. And the Dial Telecom serverhousing center is named as the absolute top by respected experts.

At present, telecommunications is one of the most dynamically developing fields. If you would like to "experience it" with us, simply connect – you may be who we are seeking right now!

If we do not currently have any open positions, but you think you have something to offer our company, please send your professional CV to