The VPN service allows you and your company a secure connection with remote branches or partners, not only within the Czech Republic, but also abroad.

The VPN service is a flexible and reliable solution for company communications, based on data transmission. The service can provide „full mesh“ topology (many-to-many communication), so it easily and efficiently enables the connection of all company’s branches within one private network. This network can dramatically decrease the operating costs for reliable in-company communication. This service is suitable for connecting local computer networks, applications or hosting centers with the possibility of combining all data, voice, video and Internet communications within one connection. Optical, metallic or wireless transmission technologies can be used for physical connections. The capacity of connections is fully variable and the client can choose the speed from 64 Kbps up to the capacities in the order of  Gbps.




We offer the VPN service as MPLS L3 VPN and IPSEC VPN.


Thanks to its simple implementation into a common ICT environment and its wide range of use, the MPLS L3 VPN is suitable for covering the needs of voice, data and video communications. Dial Telecom will provide a detailed analysis of the customer’s communication needs and then suggests and implements the optimal MPLS L3 VPN deployment and configuration.

The MPLS L3 VPN service includes:

- access to the data network and the Internet through a single connection with guaranteed parameters

- Quality of Service (QoS) setting – enabling the guaranteed transmission of voice, video and other applications within a private network

- communication backed-up in the Dial Telecom backbone network

- all CPE secured

- hand-over interface on the Ethernet port of the CPE

- technical support for the provision of required configuration changes


IP VPN enables using connections to the Internet at multiple branches and also as a full-value secured private network. Communication from branch to branch within this network is based on the IP protocol. The Internet is used for the transfer of data; thus, branches can be connected anywhere in the world. The data is sent over the network using a secure encrypted tunnel, thereby making it impossible for it to be decrypted or altered during transmission.

The IPSEC VPN service includes:

- a virtual private network based on the IP protocol

- data transmission encryption via VPN using the IPSEC protocol

- installation, including technical equipment up to the handover interface at the customer

- the option of secured access to this network using the temporary IPSEC tunnel from a home computer

- 24/7 monitoring



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Suitable for

  • Government institutions
  • Operators
  • Large companies


  • cost savings compared to building a dedicated private network using leased lines
  • creation of own secure data network
  • flexibility and scalability – capacities and configurations of locations can be adjusted according to the client’s requirements
  • full mesh topology with many-to-many communication among branches
  • easy network expansion by connecting other branches
  • possibility of easily connecting to another branch or another data network from abroad
  • possibility of SLA – guarantee of quality and service availability