In addition to our voice services, we offer the following services:


The TELECONFERENCE service enables you to make conference calls with up to 50 participants from various countries worldwide. Hence, this service is a valued, cost- and time-efficient alternative to standard meetings. Creating a conference is easy. It is simply a matter of dialing the number assigned by Dial Telecom once the service is activated and entering the relevant authorization code; you and all other users can then begin communicating with each other. The TELECONFERENCE service is designed primarily for large and medium large companies who need flexible communication with their local, as well as international branches, customers or partners. The service also offers the provision of international telephone numbers so that participants can call for the price of local calls.


FAXSERVER enables you to receive and send fax messages using the Internet. Incoming fax messages are sent to you in an e-mail attachment. You can send your fax messages directly from your computer using a number of communication channels (e-mail, sending through the website, use of a fax program).

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Suitable for

  • Government institutions
  • Small and middle companies
  • Large companies