The HOUSING service allows you to place a server into a fully secured and air-conditioned collo-cation center of Dial Telecom, and to connect it to the backbone network.

We will provide you with excellent availability of your server to both the Internet and your company data network without overloading your own Internet connection. This service is suitable for all companies that run their in-company applications on servers or use a web server and want to enable fast and quality access to their presentations on the Internet.


- space for the server in a standard 19“ rack in an air-conditioned space
- back-up power supply for the server (UPS + diesel aggregate), 48V or 220V
- assignment of an IP address for the server
- Internet connectivity (100 Mbps or 1 Gbps port in a switch) without speed limitations
- data transmission according to the chosen service option (the data transmitted in both directions are added up)
- non-stop monitoring of server availability
- SMS or e-mail alerts in case of an outage
- 24/7 user support for simple acts (e.g. server restart)
- free-of-charge access to the server for the authorized person 24/7

Server safety

physical – access with accompaniment of the helpdesk employee in charge only after verification of identity; camera system, security system, fire sensors


Housing of servers in the centers of Dial Telecom is designed to achieve the maximum environmental stability for availability of the provided infrastructure. The data centers are equipped with reliable systems for electricity supply, including UPS and motor generators with fuel supply, back-up connection of the centers to the Dial Telecom backbone networks, reliable cooling systems and a high level of network and physical security, including fire security systems

Documents to download

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Suitable for

  • Government institutions
  • Small and middle companies
  • Large companies


  • high-speed and back-up server connection, thanks to its placement directly on the backbone
  • savings on expenses for purchasing security and technical systems, air-conditioning, back-up power supply, etc.
  • prolonged server life in respect to their placement in an environment with optimal conditions
  • no overloading of your own Internet connection
  • non-stop availability of the provided servers
  • non-stop qualified monitoring
  • double back-ups of the electrical power supply
  • high level of server security