The service offers clients the possibility of leasing dark optical fibers of the backbone and metropolitan networks of Dial Telecom, terminating on optical connectors in the optical distribution frame.

For the most significant international telecommunication groups, Dial Telecom is a preferred partner in Central Europe for leasing of fibers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The backbone network in the Czech Republic has over 4,300 km of tracks owned and operated by Dial Telecom. Over 100 other kilometers of tracks suitable for lease are available on the metropolitan network of Prague. This service is designed mostly for those operators and ISPs who are able to perform the construction and operations of telecommunication transmission systems on their own. Most of the Dial Telecom backbone network is laid in the security corridors along gas pipelines, which is off limits to construction.

Map of the Dial Telecom backbone network

Backbone network


- lease of fibers between 2 points
- measuring parameters of fibers
- technical support center help
- 24/7 monitoring
- automatic provision of line transfers in connection with construction work
- a single-mode optical fiber, type G.652, G.655 or G.656 (NZDF)
- an optical connector E2000/APC located in the optical distribution frame (ODF)

Suitable for

  • Government institutions
  • Operators
  • Large companies


  • client independence from the provider’s transmission technology
  • possibility of creating own transmission network on the leased fibers
  • lower costs compared to constructing own cable tracks
  • short realization time
  • extensive and continually expanding optical network in the Czech Republic and Slovakia