X.400 MAIL

The X.400 MAIL system is used for sending important and confidential data to only a specified recipient and without the possibility of its loss or misuse by a third party.

The service operation is based on international standards (X.400, X.500, EDI, etc.) and, at the same time, is not averse to current trends (WEB to EDI, XML/EDI, LITE-EDI, ebXML etc.) Hence, it is an ideal tool for data transmission in various formats where high demands for security of transmissions, authentication of senders and recipients, backing-up of transmitted messages, non-stop service traffic (365/7/24) and delivery evidence of data transmissions in the national as well as international environment exist. This service is designed primarily for customers from the financial sector, who require security and transmission standardization in national and international communication.


The core of the X400 MAIL service is regularly backed-up UNIX-servers. The data room is secured very well (security services, fire security, etc.). Service operation is 24/7/365.

Service reliability can be further strengthened by using Dial Telecom’s own transmission routes or routes exclusively from operators with 24/7/365 secured control (e.g. LL Net, ISDN, Frame Relay, ATM, IP MPLS, Internet, etc.) The price includes the possibility for the customer to define any number of so-called back-up protocols, which, in case of outage of the primary communication lines, automatically take over the traffic of the broken protocol, which is set up as primary.  The provider initializes and actively monitors possible fault clearing.

The service uses the administration domain (ADMD) for the Czech Republic approved by the Czech Telecommunication Office, which is registered worldwide at ITU, the International Telecommunication Union (EEMA, WEMA).


Typical application of the service:

-  implementing financial EDI in communication between a large enterprise and a bank
-  EDI solution for the energy industry
-  transmission of statistic data in the EDI format between banks doing business in the Czech Republic and the Czech National Bank
-  monitoring of all CPE
-  data transmission in the EDI format between building savings banks doing business in the Czech Republic and with the Czech National Bank
-  individual EDI solution between foreign and domestic business partners


Documents to download

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Suitable for

  • Government institutions
  • Small and middle companies
  • Large companies


  • the complete delivery of the project (in cooperation with suppliers) based on the possibilities and system requirements of the customer
  • the use of the internationally recognized standards for secured communication
  • non-stop system operation at a secured data center
  • the option of using various protocols for data transmission, including the setting of back-up communication protocols

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