Start making use of all the benefits of a branch Exchange without purchasing it.

With the VIRTUAL EXCHANGE service, you will receive all of the functions to fully cover your company communication needs without having to choose a standard exchange. Your new exchange is in the Dial Telecom data center, from where it is connected to the telephone network. You can alter the exchange capacity at any time and you always pay only for the number of  connected lines you are currenty using. With this service, you will receive access to a web administration interface, through which you can set specific functionalities of the exchange.



The virtual branch exchange includes a number of functionalities, enabling your company to do without a standard branch exchange.

Some branch exchange functionalities:

- welcome greetings and IVRs
- speed dialing for calling within your company
- a wide range of options to route calls
- voice mail with the option of forwarding recordings to e-mail
- Fax2Mail
- conference calls
- group ringing
- time conditions for setting up the exchange according to the time of calls
- web interface for the administrator and individual users
- online call history

Documents to download

Suitable for

  • Government institutions
  • Small and middle companies
  • Operators
  • Large companies


  • no investment in a standard exchange
  • pay only for the capacity you use
  • advanced functionalities of the virtual exchange
  • calling among all branches of your company free of charge
  • the exchange is located in a secured data center with a backed-up power supply