Anti DDoS

Protect your servers from the biggest threat to the Internet. Last year alone, 8.4 million DDoS attacks were committed worldwide, which means 23,000 attacks per day, 16 per minute.

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) is a type of attack against a web service or site. Its intention is to disable the targeted service. An attacker achieves that by overloading a server with a huge amount of requests.

The AntiDDoS service can be purchased as a supplement to the Profi Internet and IP Transit products. The service limits unwanted traffic based on the statistical detection of anomalies of preset parameters. In addition, it allows you to manually set up a cleanup when an attack is in progress through the web-based administration interface. The service includes an initial consultation and traffic analysis, on the basis of which, the rules for protection against DDoS will be set.



The customer network protection against DDoS attacks is solved by using a combination of Dial Telecom´s hardware and software tools. In particular, it is a system which detects and evaluates anomalies in the operation of the customer network, which is implemented using the PeakFlow SP platform from Netscout. Reactive protection itself is then built on several key components. These consist of support for BGP FlowSpec and others in the Cisco ASR 9900 and Juniper MX backbone routers, as well as the Netscout TMS device (Threat Mitigation System).

The structured solution facilitates the filtering out of some types of unwanted traffic already in Dial Telecom backbone routers. Filtration at a significantly finer level can then be performed on the TMS device. It is possible to automatically apply a prepared template for traffic filtering in case of activity detection, which resembles a volumetric attack. Specific settings and tuning of such a template will be done in cooperation with Dial Telecom specialists.

The service includes access to a special web interface, which is secured via an encrypted VPN and SSL (https), where you can monitor volumetric security incidents involving the customer network, as well as enter and change specific measures against specific types of traffic.

Anti DDoS includes

- Initial consultation of traffic analysis, setup and basic training
- Activation and operation of the DDoS protection
- Automatic cleaning according to pre-set rules or manual cleaning during an attack
- Online access to an administrative interface using an encrypted VPN
- Monthly reports by email
- Optional advanced training suitable for full use of the system (for approx. 2 days)
- 24/7 customer support

Documents to download

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Suitable for

  • Government institutions
  • Small and middle companies
  • Large companies


  • Individual approach and setup tailored to customer traffic

  • Initial training included

  • Online traffic monitoring and setup changes via an administrative interface

  • Professional help during serious attacks

  • 24/7 monitoring