Performance reports

Performance Report 2013

Dial Telecom is continuing its consolidation of the Czech telecommunication market. With its hundred percent share in MAXPROGRES telco, it has become the owner of the biggest metropolitan network in Brno. Dial Telecom has also bought Nowire, a provider of telemetric services.

Performance Report 2012

Dial Telecom has achieved the best operational performance since its foundation. The company management approved and implemented the project of merging with a part of Volný. At the beginning of the year, Dial Telecom became the owner of the FWA services provider, STAR 21 Networks.

Performance Report 2011

Dial Telecom has significantly strengthened the transit telecommunication infrastructure and continued extending the Prague metropolitan optical network. The portfolio of services, provided to more than 2,400 companies, has increased by some prospective products. Acquiring a share in services for…

Performance Report 2010

Dial Telecom has put into operation over fifty new access points. The company has sold its Slovakian branch, GTS Central Europe, has become a member of VMMR in Ancotel and has come out ahead in the project in spite of the crisis announced by the Czech Chamber of Commerce.

Performance Report 2009

The company has solidified its position on the market of providing services for wholesale, as well as business, clients. In a situation with a number of competing companies falling, the revenues of Dial Telecom from sales of services have grown. By the end of the year, Dial Telecom had 1,585 retail…

Performance Report 2008

At the end of the year, Dial Telecom bought 100% of the stocks of Telekom Austria Czech Republic, which provides services under the VOLNÝ brand, and onehundred percent of the shares in eTel Slovakia. Dial Telecom thereby significantly strengthened its position on the market and also extended its…

Performance Report 2007

The merger with the national operator net4net provided Dial Telecom with a year-on-year doubling of turnover, an increase in optical network coverage and an improvement in services availability in the Czech Republic. By connecting the retail and wholesale portfolio of services, Dial Telecom has…