The WHOLESALE VOICE service is designed for providers of telecommunication and Internet services who operate or want to operate their own VoIP exchange.

The service includes the choice of connecting your existing infrastructure or the implementation of a new solution for your voice services. We can offer all the necessary services, from the connecting of single telephone lines to the solution of big call centers. In the case of coming over from another operator, your telephone number will be retained.  We will, of course, adjust your voice rates to your needs so that you can experience significant savings on your calling fees.


The connection of a customer’s location to the Dial Telecom network is typically carried out through the optical network or the P-P wireless technology working in the licensed or non-licensed bands.

Device type
Connection interface
Standard branch Exchange
VoIP branch Exchange
SIP Trunk, H.323 Trunk
VoIP telephone
SIP, H.323

The service also includes:

- number portability
- online statistics of telephone calls
- possibility to block groups of calls

Suitable for

  • Operators
  • ISP


  • savings on telecomminucation fees
  • detailed breakdown of telephone operations and sums to be paid, down to the level of single calls, including a list of incoming calls
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • possibilty to retain existing telephone numbers by porting from the original operator
  • possibility of SLA – a guarantee of quality and service availability

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