Cloud is the latest solution for clients who need to operate their virtual servers in a data center with maximum availability of provided services, a wide range of flexibility and high data security. You do not have to think about how powerful a server you will need, because you can flexibly adjust the server parameters exactly according to your needs within cloud hosting. This is a way to always keep your expenses under control.


1) Public Cloud
This is operated on a shared platform of the provider, where the user pays for the relevant performance of the virtual server or infrastructure. An advantage of a public cloud is solution flexibility and the option of increasing the performance of virtual servers, based on the client’s needs. The client pays only for the actual used performance, which can be increased or decreased if needed. A public cloud does not enable the use of Microsoft licenses of the customer.

2) Private Cloud
Unlike a public cloud, the customer pays for the whole part of the rented infrastructure. The customer has rented, for example, two physical servers connected to its own or shared disc array. If the customer needs to add another virtual server, he does not have to deal with further expenses; he just adds the server via an administration interface or by using our technical support. It is necessary to expect an infrastructure increase during the period of using a private cloud. An advantage of a private cloud is the guaranteed performance for just one customer. The only thing that can be shared within a private cloud is a disc storage. This is the reason that Microsoft licenses of the customer can be used.

3) Hybrid Cloud
A hybrid cloud is the ideal solution for customers who have built their own infrastructure but who would like to move a part of the technology into a data center.  A hybrid cloud can smartly connect customer servers and cloud servers. An IT administrator just sets up how much performance will be used within his servers and how much performance will be used from the cloud. This will have no influence on the end user.

4) Disaster Recovery
Is your business dependent on IT? If so, the Disaster Recovery (or Business Continuity) service is ideal for you. Imagine a situation when all your office servers have been stolen, caught fire, been flooded or simply broken down. This is the right time for the Disaster Recovery service, which will allow you to recover the operations of your IT from the data center and keep them running until the office servers are fixed.

Using the software provided by us, all your data is backed-up into a virtual environment in a data center and its consistence is checked, i.e. whether the data can be retroactively recovered. At the same time, the data center has a powerful cloud that is ready to be automatically launched in case of a crash of your servers. The cloud reads the data back-up and replaces your office servers. Everything is back and operating within a few minutes. When your servers are fixed, the operations are restored and the service keeps on working as a back-up.

5) Cloud Storage
The cloud storage service is designed for secured backing-up of your data in a data center. This service gives you space in a data storage based on your requirements, where you can safely store your data and back-ups. All backed-up data is located out of your office or the company’s headquarters. If needed, you can access the data at any time. The data can be downloaded at a speed of up to 10 Gbps.

6) Cloud Mail
Do you require that your company has efficient communication and team cooperation with synchronization? A hosted Microsoft Exchange server is the right e-mail solution for you. It supports working with mail, sharing contacts and documents, organizing folders, planning, assigning and monitoring tasks in a team.  An exchange server allows an unlimited access to your e-mail, contacts, calendar or tasks using tablets, smart mobile phones or any PC connected to the Internet.

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Suitable for

  • Government institutions
  • Small and middle companies
  • Operators
  • Large companies


  • A customized solution - consult specialists on optimal server infrastructure
  • Zero investment costs
  • A possibility of increasing the capacity of your existing solution using a hybrid cloud
  • A guaranteed service availability  99.99% up to 99.9999%
  • An easy performance increase
  • Optimization of operational costs
  • Cost reductions for the SW licenses
  • High security
  • The option of purchasing the existing HW upon switching to a cloud
  • 24/7 support and monitoring