Charge for your services and goods through the telephone. Your customer can pay by calling to the premium line or by sending an SMS.

The permium line service can be activated independently of other services. With this service, we offer a wide options of settings. You can port your number from the existing service provider or chooce a completely new number which will be easy for customers to remember.

900 LINE

The 900 LINE allows the use of a number with a special charge rate to provide information and entertainment services or adult entertainment services where the caller pays a defined price per call. The caller pays the defined price, ranging from CZK 4 to 95 per minute, including VAT, from which you will receive a share from the billed operation. The service uses numbers from the 900, 906, 908 and 909 ranges. Line 900 is routed to a telephone number or multiple numbers, as designated by the customer. The target telephone number can be in the network of any operator in the Czech Republic or abroad.


The 900 INTERNATIONAL LINE enables you to use a number with an increased charge rate. Dial Telecom also offers 900 numbers that can be reached from neighbouring countries. The service can be activated, for example, from Slovakia and Germany, where the caller will pay only up to €3 per minute for the call, or from Poland, where the top price is PLN 7.69 per minute.


PREMIUM SMS enables paying for services and goods through a mobile telephone account. The standard price for this service ranges from CZK 4 up to 99 per SMS, from which you will receive a share from the billed operation. The amount of your commission differs according to the type of service provided; it is higher in the case of so-called ”publicly beneficial“ activities, e.g. SMS public transportation tickets, parking fees, insurance payments, sales of tickets.

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Suitable for

  • Government institutions
  • Small and middle companies
  • Operators
  • Large companies


  • customers can be assigned numbers that are also reachable from abroad
  • customers can choose the end price for the service, i.e. also the amount of the commission
  • option of routing calls to any network
  • option of creating IVR (Interactive Voice Response) through the web interface
  • fast service activation
  • electronic overview of the calls
  • possibility of setting the allowed (whitelist) and banned (blacklist) numbers from where the service can be accessed
  • efficient and economical marketing tool
  • individual consulting
  • 24/7 monitoring