Dial Telecom has been successful in other public tenders of government institutions

At the beginning of this year, Dial Telecom a.s., a significant Czech provider of voice and data services, succeeded in the public tenders of two government institutions for the provision of telecommunication services. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the State Phytosanitary Administration decided not to make use of the purchase of partial IT services within the KIVS project (communicational infrastructure of the public administration) and choose their own provider on the basis of the best offer. By diverting from the present dominant providers, both institutions will save about two thirds of their expenses, in total, over CZK 6 M.

In January, MZV (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and SRS (State Phytosanitary Administration) both chose Dial Telecom through public tender for the provision of telecommunication services. The own “mini” tenders of both institutions came as a response to the government’s repeated problem initiating  fair centralized competition that would not discriminate against small and mid-sized providers of telecommunication solutions. They are usually the ones who provide more economical services than bigger companies.

Thanks to the cancellation of the centralized tender, institutions can freely choose the provider of their own communication solutions without any limitations, based purely on the best offer. This brings massive savings. For example, MZV and SRS will each save two thirds of their expenses on  telecommunication services. Dial Telecom supplies detailed figures:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
• Provided service: provision of voice services (both national and international, fixed and mobile)
• End of tender: January 2013
• Service activation at the customer: 27 March 2013
• Savings: instead of the planned total expenses of CZK 6 M  for 3 years, CZK 2 M less for the same period
• Savings in percentage (compared to the KIVS contracts): 66%

State Phytosanitary Administration

•Provided service: connection of over 70 locations in the Czech Republic (IP VPN technology) and connection to the CMS (services central point)
• End of tender: end of January 2013
• Service activation at the customer: 28 March 2013
• Savings: instead of the planned total expenses of CZK 2.5 – 3  M for 11 months, CZK 800,000 for the same period
• Savings in percentage (compared to the KIVS contracts): between 68 and 73%

It is only a matter of savings for the provision of partial services for a couple of government institutions. Tomáš Strašák, the Sales Director and a member of the Dial Telecom Board, estimates that the whole government realm is paying up to a half billion a year more for telecommunication services than it could if they also invited lesser providers to their own public tenders for the provision of these services .

Among other institutions that also decided  last year to divert from the centralized provision of telecommunication solutions are the Ministry of Finance and the State Statistical Office. These institutions also managed to obtain market prices, which were 50 to 80% more economical than the ones provided by the Ministry of Home Affairs through the KIVS.

Tomáš Strašák has added: :We believe that other institutions, just as the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the State Phytosanitary Administration, will put out their own tenders for the purchase of telecommunication services. In our view, this is the only way to decrease expenses for these services, because the government has not managed to do so in the last three years, despite its proclamations.

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