Last year, Dial Telecom’s profits reached 24.3 M

Dial Telecom a.s., one of the leading Czech providers of data and voice services, has released its performance results for 2013. Revenues from sales of goods and services amounted to almost CZK 818 M, profit before tax was CZK 24.3 M. Last year was the most successful in the area of completed acquisitions for the whole group. Dial Telecom has increased by as many as four subjects, domestic telecommunication companies, and significantly expanded its business range.

In 2013, revenues from sales of goods and services of Dial Telecom reached a total of CZK 817.5 M. This is a year-on-year decrease of 4.3%, with the estimated decrease in performance of the telecommunication market in the Czech Republic at 5-10%. The most successful segment for Dial Telecom is the highly competitive market of data services, in which revenues grew by CZK 6.6 M compared to the previous year. In 2013, the EBITDA marker (plus change in provisions) reached CZK 194,122 M. Compared to the previous year, Dial Telecom increased the investment ratio up to 8.9% from revenue, which is CZK 72.3 M.

Key figures between 2011 and 2013 (CZK '000):

2011 2012 2013
Revenues 806 026 854 280 817 534
EBITDA (+G) 194 714 222 594 194 122
Investment ratio 8.8% 8.3% 8.9%
Profit before tax 43 125 65 304 24 292
Cash as of 31 Dec 218 047 203 225 35 969
Number of employees 122 125 124

The data services market is still the priority
For Dial Telecom, the data and Internet services market remains the most significant, generating almost 60% of the revenues last year. In this area, revenues increased by CZK 6.6 M compared to 2012. In the segment of voice services sales, Dial Telecom reached CZK 278 M last year. “A decrease in this segment had been planned; which is related particularly to the loss of customers with CPS services, which is the service being provided by Dial Telecom after the acquisition of Volný, adds Ivo Stach, the financial director of Dial Telecom a.s.

Revenues from services between 2011 and 2013 (CZK '000):

2011 2012 2013
Voice services 265 989 (33%) 335 398 (39%) 278 000 (34%)
Data services 532 089 (66%) 475 650 (56%) 482 300 (59%)
Other 8 060 (1%) 43 232 (5%) 57 200 (7%)
Revenues TOTAL 806 026 (100%) 854 280 (100%) 817 500 (100%)

2013 - the year of acquisitions
Last year, thanks to acquisitions of successful telecommunication companies, Dial Telecom continued with its development strategy. The completed strategic acquisitions include MAXPROGRESS telco s.r.o. and Telemetry Services s.r.o. In 2013, Dial Telecom made a change in the company by merging with STAR 21 Networks a.s. and by splitting and merging with the operational division of ET Telekomunikace s.r.o. The new acquisitions were financed from Dial Telecom’s own sources, or with the short-term use of an overdraft facility.

About Dial Telecom a.s. (Czech Republic)The joint stock company Dial Telecom is a provider of a complex portfolio of voice, data and Internet services with guaranteed service availability all over the Czech Republic through its own unified optical network. The Dial Telecom network has its central monitoring center in Prague. The network monitoring, as well as the customer support center, are in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Dial Telecom a.s. is a holder of ISO 9001:2009 Quality Management, ISO 14001:2005 Environmental Management and ISO 27001:2006 Information Security Management ( of sensitive information from unauthorized access) certificates. More information at or contact:

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