The TELEMETRY CONNECT service enables two-way data transmission via the mobile networks.

The key features of the TELEMETRY CONNECT service is availability throughout almost 100% of the country, fast and flexible implementation, unified monitoring, proven solution with a number of references, high availibility provided by the possibility of using two mobile operators and convenient price.



The CPE is connected via a serial or other industrial interface to the communication device (router or modem), which is using one, or possibly two, SIM cards. The communication device provides non-stop connection to the private APN mobile network using the UMTS/EDGE/GPRS technology. The high reliability of the mobile connection is based on a professional CPE and use of the DualSIM technology. The data traffic is routed via the network of mobile operators and the Dial Telecom telecommunication exchange to the customer’s headquarters via a leased data circuit or through a secured tunnel in the Internet network. The services can be customized to the the customer's needs.


Documents to download

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Suitable for

  • Government institutions
  • Small and middle companies
  • Operators
  • Large companies


  • two-way wireless transparent transmission
  • high availability when using two mobile operators
  • 24/7monitoring
  • reliable and proven hardware
  • transmission of all standard and non-standard protocols
  • simple and fast deployment
  • secured data transmission (reserved data circuit, encoding)
  • low price
  • many reference projects